A Computer Science student at UofT that
1. Has a kink for anything coffee.
2. Loves 3ds Max and PhotoShop.
3. Is a wannabe audiophile.
4. Draws occasionally.

Oh, and I post interesting stuff here off and on.

My Youtube

After Hours - DJ HARA (RU556 Animation Release)

Check the video out for the dl link. Happy compiling!

Dishing out some apple pie @ campus.

Followed this recipe here:

New sound setup! I am now literally broke.

  • Amp: Schiit Lyr2 with stock vacuum tubes
  • Cans: Hifiman HE-560, planar magnetic drivers (very power hungry)
  • DAC: Behringer UCA202. I cheaped out on these cuz I don’t have the golden ears to tell the difference.

How did i manage to buy these with a university student’s budget?

I may have went over my budget a tiny bit…

~$400 over.

Tiny really…


Not as easy as it looks…
Using a breville bes860xl

Dat aug is done.

Steyr Aug A1 draws and reload animations. WIP of course.

49 plays

Another one, this time inspired by Robert de Boron.

29 plays

More or less a cover of Re:Plus - Nighttime.

Done on an Casio AP-620 using audacity.

Did a quick chambered reload animation. The video shows both empty chamber reload, followed by chambered reload.

L96 ingame with Mil’s textures and my animations